Here are a few questions which we get asked from time to time which might help you decide if resurfacing is right for you?

What is Resurfacing, Reglazing and Refinishing?
Resurfacing, Reglazing and Refinishing is a unique and proven process that will completely update or a change a color or recondition the existing worn surface that may contain cracks, or chips to a like new finish utilizing a special procedure that is literally a fraction of the price of traditional replacement.

The resurfacing, reglazing, refinishing process can be applied to your Fiberglass Shower KIt, porcelain sink or tub, ceramic tile on floor or walls, countertops and vanities.

Does Resurfacing really save me money?
Refinishing your bathtub or countertops will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over replacement. While a brand new bathtub may only cost $350 - $500, there can often be several hidden costs to replacement such as removal and disposal cost, plumbing alterations, and tile work. These costs add up, and you can easily end up spending nearly$2,500 to replace your bath tub. The cost of refinishing varies depending on the size of your tub. Also resurfacing your countertop saves you up to 75% or replacing and we can give it a whole new stone look.

How long does it take to resurface a surface?
Refinishing a tub, sink or countertop takes approximately three to four hours depending on the job. Countertops may take up to 2 days just to make sure each step dries completely.

How Long after resurfacing can I use my tub or countertop?
Bathtubs, sinks and countertops can be used 24 hrs after completion.

You need to wait at least 48 hrs to place heavy items on the countertops.

Do you need to see my Fiberglass or Porcelain tub/shower or countertop before resurfacing?
​I prefer to see your countertop if possible by appt. If not you can email photos.

Fiberglass shower kits, porcelain tubs, ceramic tile, sinks, and vanities  can be seen by appt. or by email pic, Just make sure all areas that need repaired are included.

Are there odors durning the resurfacing process?
There is some odor that do naturally occur with the use of solvents. . The ventilation we use during our process keeps the odor to a minimum. If you are highly sensitive to odors, you may want to leave while we complete our work. It will dissipate completely within a couple of hours.

Can you change the colors of my fiberglass or porcelain tubs, sinks and ceramic tile?
We can either brighten your existing color and change the whole color completely.

What kind of repairs do you do before the resurfacing process?
For bathtubs, we repair cracks, rust, scratches, dull spots, chips, burn marks, pits and discoloration in the refinishing process. Kitchens countertops we repair any knife cuts, scratches, burns, chips and seams where angles meet. After the resurfacing process you won't be able to tell there was any damage. I will change the look of your whole decor.

What do I need to do before you come to resurface?
Your countertops need to be structurally sound, and all items on top of countertops removed. There should be no movement of the surface. Tiles should be secure, but if you have a few that you just can't secure we will do our best to do them for you, before we resurface. You need to make sure there are no leaky faucets in the bathtub or sinks as this will compromise the finish.

How long will the reglazed, refinshed surface last and is it guaranteed?
A bathtub or ceramic tile wall ,floor, sink and countertops refinished by BMS Glazing, should easily last 10 to 15 years with proper care and maintenance. We offer a 5 year warranty.

How do I take care of the Resurfaced areas?
Refinished bathtubs are often easier to clean than the original product. Make sure you use mild, non-abrasive cleaning products. Just as with a new bathtub, the finish or shine can be dulled by abrasive cleaners. The newly reglazed surface will be completely smooth and your grout lines will be sealed , leaving a surface that is non-porous and resistant to mold, mildew and dirt.

​For the first week, clean the item with only mild soap and water. Never use abrasive cleaners because they'll remove the protective coating from the finish and diminish the life of the item. Fantastik and Formula 409 are both great for countertops. Avoid cleaners that contain abrasives. When wiping a countertop, always use a sponge or cloth. Never use scrub pads as these will damage the finish.

Do you have a question which isn't answered here? Then please send us an email, and we'll be happy to answer your question(s).