Boone, NC - Porcelain Tub and Tile, Wilson Job

Mr.wilson is a buyer and seller of property. This house is a 1950's joke and the bathrooms were at there worst. Wallpaper falling down off walls, tile was very dirty and tub had been done before (has to be stripped chemically). Cracks from settling over the years and at one time, master bath has shower doors.

From the onset, we decided to go with solid white on walls and granite stone fleck on the floor (galena a neutral beige) the white was one half standard white one half pure.

The master bath a shower door and after being removed, the removal of Silicon caulking was done with lacquer thinner followed by wet sanding with 100 grit. We had to remove some old caulking out of the corners for a smoother edge upon taping. It was the toughest caulking we have ever removed. The hardest part of the refinishing process is the preparation but the end product is why we don't mind.

Job Name: 
Wilson Job
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Porcelain Tub and Tile
Boone , North Carolina
North Carolina