Burlington, NC - Porcelain Tub and Tile, Lane Job

Customer is selling house and wanted to refinish hall bath which was pink.there were bars on the walls which we had to remove and putty holes. The house had settled so there was a large separation from bottom of tile to top of tub.

When we remove existing caulk we re caulk with acrylic tub and tile. So many times we find silicone causes so many issues. Removing silicone requires lacquer thinner sandpaper and lots of scrubbing. We believe acrylic have more features and works better than silicone. We also find that caulking is just a product that will always have to be maintained.

The customer liked our stonefleck color midnight sky for the floor which looked good with pure white on the walls.the finish applied over the stonefleck was gloss. The other finish we offer is satin both have the same durability.

Job Name: 
Lane Job
Job Category: 
Porcelain Tub and Tile
Burlington , North Carolina
North Carolina