Cary, NC - Countertop Resurfacing, Toy Job

Almost every vanity made out of acrylic like this one over time yellows out; sinks have spider cracks and it only takes a few years.

There are 2 options

  1.  a solid color on entire surface
  2.  a two tone with sink white and flat part a stone look

This material is to be cleaned and sanded and we take a flashlight to find blemishes and holes or cracks. We repair those with the same filler as we repair porcelain and fiberglass.

Our resin by out of Chicago is made to hold its true white much longer than the original surface!

It is imperative that the drain in bottom of the sink be removed, not taped!

Since the surface is flat, the entire bathroom must be dust and airborne contaminant free (as much as possible).

Job Name: 
Toy Job
Job Category: 
Countertop Resurfacing
Cary , North Carolina
North Carolina