Chapel Hill, NC - Fiberglass Shower Kits, Team Jodi - Lake Court Job

Customer after finding out about our refinishing process regretted not finding out about us before gutting out the other bathroom in their home. So the tile shower was refinished white with the floor in shower being refinished with our granite stonefleck. Shower door was taken down so we could repair the holes and remove all the silicone behind it. Most often we find that the installers of shower doors apply way too much silicone behind the track itself. 

Silicone is one of the hardest materials to remove prior to refinishing and there are other caulkings on the market that actually work much better and repel mildew and mold better than silicone. Ploy-seam seal has a tub and tile white acrylic caulk made to withstand better than silicone (easier to remove as well)..

 The Bathroom floor in its entireity was done with our pure white epoxy in high gloss.Satin epoxy works better but customer insisted on gloss (which shows scratches and imperfections on down the road! Both gloss and satin are equal in longevity and ability to hold up to wear and tear.over time gloss will fade some in high traffic areas!

The fiberglass Jacuzzi was prepared with our sanding method and finished with our pure white epoxy as well. Plumbing fixtures were removed and replaced after refinishing. It is important to note that this bathroom had a little bit of everything we refinish,except wood. All the tile is prepared slightly different than fiberglass as acid is used to dull tile and actual sandpaper is used to dull all other substrates (wood,acrylic,fiberglass, etc...). It is important to note also that we can refinish the trim around shower doors without having to replace the glass or entire shower trim. We can match the plumbing trim that the customer may purchase and refinish all the trim.

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Team Jodi - Lake Court Job
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Fiberglass Shower Kits
Chapel Hill , North Carolina
North Carolina