Chapel Hill, NC - Fiberglass Shower Kits, Wiley job

One of the most affordable and long term options when looking into your fiberglass kits is refinishing.

The savings is huge and also will mimic a new One!  The product used is the same for fiberglass, porecelin and tile. The difference is the prep method which is a cleaning and sanding prep. Making sure we vaccum and tack the surface is critical. Static electricity is in fiberglass so we use fabric softener sheets to wipe the surface prior to glazing!

Keeping your kit free from soap scum build up is vital to getting 10 plus years (scrubbing bubbles or the like) will do just fine. Having apple cider vinegar on hand to absorb the drying smell after we glaze is a good product to use as well. Our fume exhauster will remove most of the fumes out of the nearest opening.

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Wiley job
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Fiberglass Shower Kits
Chapel Hill , North Carolina
North Carolina