Chapel Hill, NC - Porcelain Tub and Tile, Bath Fitter Job

There are 3 options to bathroom remodel; refinish, cover up (bath fitter), or replace. Refinish is the most affordable the other cost are very close. If properly prepared,refinishing will stand the test of time. This was the first time we have been behind bathfitter,what we found out were a few important facts: Whoever they have to do there plumbing can not be professional: to keep drain in tact they smothered around it with silicone caulk which eventually failed causing water to come between old tub and liner. Secondly, they will warranty but it won't transfer if you sell. They have a sales rep that will get a portion of the proceeds included in the cost. As we found out, they will cover up a perfectly good tub, that if properly prepared, will last just as long as the tub itself. It took us a half day to remove the tub portion and all the glue associated with securing the mold. After removal of the glue, we then proceeded with our preparation and reglazing of the steel tub. Customer was very pleased with our work and may have us do the other in the future.
Job Name: 
Bath Fitter Job
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Porcelain Tub and Tile
Chapel Hill , North Carolina
North Carolina