Durham, NC - Countertop Resurfacing, Roxanne Job

Every now and then we run into tile counter tops that need reglazing. Again, usually 2/3 less than replacement and just as durable as the tile if done correctly! Though some heat for a few seconds as accidental should be fine, I never think laying boiling water on a reglaze is a good idea.

You can decide on either stone fleck or solid color on the top! I do not like solid white on a flat surface as we can't control is a big or a speck of dust decides to fall on it for a hour after completion! Though I become responsible for it.so to avoid a costly return I typically will give job away if customer insist on a white floor or top!

 Preparation is 85% of the project in order to give a lifetime against peeling!


  1. Vigorously clean
  2. Acid etch entire area
  3. Neutralize area
  4. Clean again
  5. Remove airborne dust
  6. Vacuum
  7. Apply adhesion promoter
  8. At this point caulk/repair holes and chips
  9. Vacuum/tack
  10. Apply sealer
  11. Apply finish

Average counter in Kitchen can be done in a day with adequate help.

Job Name: 
Roxanne Job
Job Category: 
Countertop Resurfacing
Durham , North Carolina
North Carolina