Durham, NC - Porcelain Tub and Tile, Cid Job

This job was going behind one of the companies that cover up a surface with a molded material that they guarantee for life. All fine except its just as expensive as tearing it out with a new tub,on top of they don't stand behind if something goes south,as this job did!

There are already 5 chemical steps to refinishing porcelain of any kind (tub,tile) already.if done incorrectly (not adhering to any of the 5 steps), or covering up a tub that could have been refinished, it adds the painstaking task of removing all the glue,caulking that can be brutal to remove. So often we are having to go behind these companies that can afford these commercials on prime time t.v , with money that they got from doing shabby work.

What happened to integrity, standing behind your product, customer service? It's out there if you investigate the company, do your homework and ask questions. That's why we are here at BMS Reglazing, built on old school belief's that you, the customer come first!

Job Name: 
Cid Job
Job Category: 
Porcelain Tub and Tile
Durham , North Carolina
North Carolina