Lake Gaston, NC - Fiberglass Shower Kits, Husson Job

So these fiberglass are similar in preparation to automotive. You clean,sand, repair all chips! After that you tape up all areas so as not to get overspray on these items. There is no way to control if tape will pull wall paint or not. That said you can always apply tape to our refinish and IT WILL NOT PEELE! This is called A tape test from way back in the day! Painters just don't do what is required to insure adhesion to sheetrock!

We in this field due to standards we set for ourselves! After most prep we take a dryer sheet to get static off the surface. If not, all airborne debris will attack the surface! We most often match the toilet or sink in the bathroom,usually a form of white! We always remove hardware for a complete job! After 7 days you can use any cleaner to clean the surface. Maintain the shine will insure years of performance of these shower kits!

Job Name: 
Husson Job
Job Category: 
Fiberglass Shower Kits
Lake Gaston , North Carolina
North Carolina