Mebane, NC - Porcelain Tub and Tile, Wagner Job

The customer is redoing entire 1st floor of there home. They found out that for a lot less than replacing, they could refinish their blue hall bathroom. Tile, tub and floor were all blue porcelain tile.

We started out with our cleaning technique with lots of effort. There were a lot of holes from bar removal that had to be filled. The customer wanted our granite stone fleck on floor with walls and tub pure white.

On colored tubs and tile we had to leave acid on double time to make sure the surface was etched enough. Tf course the drain was original and had to be cut out. The old vanity was removed to ensure all areas of tile were coated correctly. Major caulking was applied to corners where the old was dug out.

Bath door was taken down to allow our plastic zip wall was installed to have our fume exhausted worked with fumes going out of the windows. Job took approximately 5 days with floor.

Job Name: 
Wagner Job
Job Category: 
Porcelain Tub and Tile
Mebane , North Carolina
North Carolina