Oak Ridge, NC - Countertop Resurfacing, Lover Job

On this job the customer wanted their laminate vanities updated before to renting this home. They had us choose a color that would blend with different decors, a neutral beige with darker flecks, so we choose galena. Our manufacturer, hawk,has upgraded our stoneflecks to lay down better,smoother.

Most often 90% of the time involved is taping off area not being sprayed. One important fact is to know that Any tape will or may pull any area on sheetrock that was not properly primed and painted. So in deciding to refinish, we advise doing the tops prior to painting or know that touchup behind refinishing must be considered. Any painting retail chain will tell you this is called a tape test (a way to tell if you had a good paint job) if walls are primed with a true primer, you typically wont have any problems.

Job Name: 
Lover Job
Job Category: 
Countertop Resurfacing
Oak Ridge , North Carolina
North Carolina