Raleigh, NC - Countertop Resurfacing, Sinclair Job

So one of the best ideas, when refinishing counter tops, is to go ahead and do the bathrooms. We are from the old school that the more work,the better the price.

The tops were laminate and in really good shape, so limited repairs. As always, covering up all adjacent areas not getting stone fleck is vital and almost 80% of the job. Fieldstone and galena we put in bathrooms with landslide in the kitchen. The finish was satin, which is mostly what we recommend.

We cleaned the tops with lacquer thinner and Scotch Brite pads. Sanding with 180 grit followed  by extensive vacuuming of all surfaces. When taking the oven and refrigerator out, care must be taken to prevent damage to the floor with drop cloths below.

Job Name: 
Sinclair Job
Job Category: 
Countertop Resurfacing
Raleigh , North Carolina
North Carolina