Raleigh, NC - Fiberglass Shower Kits, Jefferson Job

Fiberglass kits,tub or shower, fade,yellow and become hard to clean after approx 10 yrs. The newer kits are not as durable as the older models, as well as mostly recycle material. So many times we see a fiberglass kit that at one time matched the white toilet or the sink, has now turned to a yellow or off white color.

The preparation of fiberglass is similar to that of automotive refinishing. By cleaning and wet sanding to dull the surface, we create a excellent profile for adhesion of our urethane epoxy, manufacturer Hawk labs.The properties of urethane epoxy resist yellowing and though it may loose its shine over ten plus years, it can be waxed back to a luxurious gloss.

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Jefferson Job
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Fiberglass Shower Kits
Raleigh , North Carolina
North Carolina