Raleigh, NC - Porcelain Tub and Tile, Fulbright Job

This customer had house already on the market and called us to address rust around the porcelain drain and to glaze the fiberglass jetted tub.

On tub, we had to remove drain to treat the rust correctly and for good. Taping the drain would not and never will fix the problem long term. We have to get the inch under the lip of drain and drain coming out not to go back in for 36hrs is the only way. After treating rust we prepped the entire bottom and glazed with standard white resin.

When doing jetted tubs you must remove covers for jets as well as other hardware. We used 240 grit sandpaper to dull the surface. Repairing chips and vacuuming all areas and above and around the tub (dust and debris) removal is vital to a clean finish!

Due to the fact these surfaces take several hours (especially the bottom) to dry, we generally ask customers to remove the plastic the next day.

Job Name: 
Fulbright Job
Job Category: 
Porcelain Tub and Tile
Raleigh , North Carolina
North Carolina