Raleigh, NC - Porcelain Tub and Tile, Houge job

In searching for a Company too refinish/resurface Porcelain and Ceramic tile, it is so critical to choose a Company that can provide you long term customer care. We have customers that have been using our services 20 yrs that continue to refer us out!

These surfaces MUST be prepared using at least 5 chemical steps.

  1.  clean
  2.  acid etch
  3.  Neutralize
  4.  clean again
  5.  adhesion promoter

If these steps are not adhered too, look out, in 5 years it WILL begin to come up, and when it starts, then you can add chemical Stripping to the equation.

Customer bought house and wanted to update tile walls,tub and tile floor. They chose white on walls and tub then Stonefleck on the floors. We used 1/2 standard white and 1/2 pure white on tub and walls then cliff on the floors. We ran into Silicone caulk (our worst enemy) that takes most of the preparation time and you have to get ALL residue off or it will fish eye. We use acrylic Tub and Tile caulk always and people tend to use silicone and it makes a mess (its invisible without using led lights)! When we grout We use it in a tube as its our preferred method!

The beauty of refinishing is years down the road,  it can be compounded and waxed to bring back the shine if it dulls out any over time! We take the utmost pride in the fact our method will NEVER Peel on its on. Chipping can occur on ANY surface but can be easily touched up! We typically use 3 coats of material on walls and tub with 3 coats on the floor. All this is easily maintained with a sponge and any non abrasive!

Job Name: 
Houge job
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Porcelain Tub and Tile
Raleigh , North Carolina
North Carolina