Raleigh, NC - Porcelain Tub and Tile, Ross Job

A cultured marble jacuzzi tub where tile was removed and exposed a entire corner that was damaged and cracked. The customer was doing a entire bathroom redo and due to cost of a new tub, they wished to have it repaired and reglazed.

After gluing the pieces back in place, the process of repairing the cracked repaired. Using our epoxy filler, fiberall (has small mesh filaments embedded within the filler) used for a first application, with several applications, sanding between coats. After which we use the finishing filler, smc, to finish repair off.

Cultured marble prep is similar to fiberglass, clean and wet sand using 180 grit. Followed by repairing imperfections with previous fillers. All hardware was removed prior to beginning project. We also have begun to vacuum above and around ceiling and walls to prevent airborne contaminants. Taping up all areas around bathroom,including mirrors,cabinets etc...

The tub was finished with our urethane epoxy with color being half standard white and half pure white. The hardware was matched from a fixture with automotive finish. We usually will wet sand with 800 grit and carnauba wax if airborne dust falls on the flat surfaces

Job Name: 
Ross Job
Job Category: 
Porcelain Tub and Tile
Raleigh , North Carolina
North Carolina