Timberlake, NC - Fiberglass Shower Kits, Williams Job

Fiberglass refinishing is very similar to automotive painting. The products are similar as well as the preparation. We use Wet sandpaper to keep the dust away as well as vacuum the entire bathroom to do away with airborne dust that can get into our finish! It is proven if done correctly, our finish will outlast the gelcoat applied at the factory to fiberglass shower combos or the like!

The material in modular homes is actually a plastic,that like fiberglass, will yellow over time creating a dingy look. As always around shower doors the senseless act of silicone caulk,which is not needed, is always overdone and very messy! The only way to remove is to cut lights off and use led flashlights flat on the surface to find and remove the residue. Razor blades and scotch brite pads along  with lacquer thinner are the only way to get it off the surface!

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Williams Job
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Fiberglass Shower Kits
Timberlake , North Carolina
North Carolina