Wake Forest, NC - Porcelain Tub and Tile, Lunsford Job

This job we had a chance to showcase our refinishing on the Vanity, both tile on top and wood elsewhere. The customer chose not to do the sink at this time. So we refinished the wood with our satin epoxy finish in pure white.the door fronts are solid oak so you will always see the grain (which is the beauty of oak) unless you brush prime against the grain,which is against the principles of refinishing wood so we sprayed primer as well as the finish(taping off the inside) to prevent overspray. The ceramic top of vanity was done with our epoxy resin in gloss.

The tub and tile were refinished with our pure white epoxy resin.All the tile and tub were cleaned and dulled with our extra strength acid. Then we used our step 1 (acid neutralizer) followed by our step2 (cleaner and degreaser). After that we use our adhesion promoter (wipe on clear primer) prior to repairing holes and chips. All these steps are necessary to longevity and beauty of refinishing porcelain and tile! skip one of these steps and the surface is negotiated and will in time cause failure. Vacuuming is also a critical part of refinishing due to contaminants,particles of dust,bugs etc..... 

We never can vaccum enough when refinishing. We work hard to get these imperfections out so after all the work why not continue the process? We evacuated the fumes by sealing up the area being refinished and run our tubing out of a window or door adjacent to the area (usually within 35 feet). Once complete it is nice to have apple cider vinegar to absorb any remaining smell! 

Customer was very pleased and is going to have us back to do their kitchen sink,stay tuned for more.

Job Name: 
Lunsford Job
Job Category: 
Porcelain Tub and Tile
Wake Forest , North Carolina
North Carolina