Porcelain Tub and Tile

Has your porcelain tub become dull or hard to clean? Well then let JRS Resurfacing help.

Here at JRS,Resurfacing we go the extra mile especially when Coating Porcelain Tub and Tile! Our Competitors will just cover the Porcelain Tub and Tile up and are almost the cost of replacing! We clean and dull the Porcelain, Grout where needed and then resurface by applying our special products which will renew the color you have or you can simply change the color. This allows you to keep the original surface!

Before ceramic-tile shower reglazing
Before ceramic tile shower reglazing
After ceramic-tile shower reglazing
After ceramic tile shower reglazing

Chips and Cracks are no problem as we repair these areas with Epoxy Filler to bring the area back to its original state, before any resurfacing is done.

Let us save you up to 75% over replacement cost. Let us make that old porcelain tub shine again. Resurfacing works and it last for years to come.

We do Porcelain Sinks too!

Before porcelain sink regalzing
Before porcelain sink regalzing
After porcelain sink regalzing
After porcelain sink regalzing